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Oula One Empowerment Weekend + Instructor Training

This weekend is designed for those who wish to explore the heart-based, musically inspired dance format, Oula One. This unique, Flow~ with Soul, unites a variety of movement styles with amazing music to connect our mind, body, heart and soul! Whether you are currently a One Instructor wanting to root deeper into what you love, intend to become an Instructor, need CEC’s (worth 1.6 ACE CEC’s), or want to enhance your knowledge about movement, flexibility, balance, and breath, we'd love nothing more than to spend the weekend with you exploring the following: 

  • the Oula One triangle - music, movement, and YOU
  • poses, options during movement, and safety considerations 
  • Oula One influences from yoga, the chakra system and the four elements 

For those on the instructor path

  • tools for learning the choreography and creating your style
  • resources and support to develop your own Oula One practice

Awaken your soul with 

The One and Only

Oula One

All are welcome into this house of love 


Nov 2 + 3 - Twin Cities, MN

Want a weekend in your town? Fill out our interest form!

*complete schedule + details will be emailed two weeks prior.


In order to certify in this format, a video submission of your Oula One class and a self-evaluation will be required for review. There will be more details available at training, or email us at one@oulafitness.com. 

Once approved, you will have the option to fill out our Oula One license agreement and pay the annual Oula One instructor license fee of $200 for Oula One-only instructors, or $100 for current Oula or Oula Power instructors. This fee can be paid as a one-time payment or in monthly installments. Once fully certified, you will:

  • have access to Oula One's complete choreography library with 34 releases (and counting!)
  • be added to the Oula One Instructor Family Facebook group, where you can connect with mentors and peers for community support
  • access to instructor resources to help promote and grow your classes
  • receive the weekly Instructor Insider newsletter with great tips from seasoned instructors and insider info from Oula HQ
  • and receive 15% off all Oula Shop purchases!

Attendance of this weekend is worth 1.6 ACE CECs.


In an effort to keep others well, we ask that you avoid attending if you are unwell. We very much want you to attend, and the wellness of everyone is important. 


Oula strives to create safe and inclusive spaces for all, and commits to the process of each individual, meeting them exactly where they are. If cost is a barrier to you spending the weekend with us, please don't hesitate to apply for one of our scholarships.


Empowerment Weekends are non-refundable, unless cancelled by Oula. If you sign up and are unable to attend, your deposit can be used toward any of our other Oula experiences within a year from purchase date. Please contact us at info@oulafitness.com if you need to reschedule or have any questions.