“I love your show and have been listening for at least a year.  You two are like big sisters to me, and your show is always a calming, comforting hug that I love to enjoy while driving.  Thank you so much for taking the time to make this show. I would be sad without it, and always love listening!” -lillee1311

“I think that I’ve listened to all (or nearly all) the podcasts and they are always a treat.  Often I get a belly laugh, often I am surprised by how their topics hit home, often I am led to deeper thoughts and realizations.  I hope you keep up these podcasts, Kali and Bernice. You are fun to listen to and more importantly, your messages are spot on.” -jcmlh

“Wow, I was surprised how entertaining and fast-paced this podcast is.  I love these two women, their chemistry and their voices. They seem to be intimacy heroes who do tons of different things in life.  They are moms, entrepreneurs, workaholics, goofballs, and exercise fun gurus. Beautiful, thoughtful weirdos. Not afraid to honestly discuss their own struggles and laugh.  Good stuff.” - Snake Chaps

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