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July 01, 2021 2 min read 1 Comment


What would you do if you had VIP access into the sweetest, most life-affirming and truest places in yourself and your life? What if this month we acted as if we did? With July's affirmation, we are so curious to explore with you what it would look like if we made decisions from a place of allowing, rather than denying. How would it feel to walk proudly into rooms you weren't sure you belonged or would be accepted in. To stay up way too late laughing with loved ones and left the dishes in the sink til morning.  To take the day off and spend it staring at the sky from a paddleboard in the middle of the lake.  To speak your truths without worry of how they would be received.  To be willing to be misunderstood.  To take the long road.  To say yes. To say no.  To ask for more.  To hold our boundaries. To change your mind... 

For many of us, following the "rules" makes us feel like we are good, and being good helps us feel like we will be accepted, and being accepted makes us feel like we will be loved. So, if we are not good, can we be loved? Can we be allowed to take up space?  YES! Yes, yes, yes. But that's an easy thing to say, and a harder thing to believe in one of those moments that we choose to stray from The Rule Book full of rules that we've either inherited, accepted or written ourselves. So... that's when this affirmation comes in! Maybe in some moments this month you need your self-talk to sound a little bit like "I am allowed to watch a movie marathon under a pile of laundry and still be a respectable adult!" Sometimes you may need to remind yourself that "I am allowed to have different opinions than everyone else in this room and still be respected." Or sometimes you may need to be your own cheerleader with "I am allowed to set a boundary with people that I love." However, you need your own permission this month, we hope that this affirmation helps you give and receive it, and maybe even allows you to become bold enough to edit, refine and rewrite your own Rule Book.

#iamallowed #iamoula

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September 08, 2021

This is perfectly timed and well said! I’m exhausted from the pandemic and trying to figure out my next steps for good mental and physical health. I need this mantra to allow myself to dream big. Thank you!

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