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June 01, 2021 2 min read

As most of you know, we have made the difficult decision to sell Oula. I have spent a lot of time grappling with not only this decision, but also the events, feelings and cosmic nudges that have led to this decision. I’ve spent so much time fixating on what I couldn’t fix, where we could have gone right when we went left, looking around to find validation that I had in some way failed myself, failed you, failed Oula. You know, if you spend enough time looking for validation for your thoughts, you will find them. But as I began to re-emerge from underneath my Covid fog with the acceptance that Oula was coming to an end, I started taking classes again, outside, with some of the most glorious humans I know. And these people saved Oula, literally. The experience of dancing, in (comm)union, with other humans can literally change your life, like it has done for mine these past couple of months. I see so clearly now that Oula must continue on. That I cannot take her down with me as I grapple with my own feelings of enough-ness and worth. And once the decision was made to let Oula live on, it has allowed me to release these ideas of personal success or failure that I have attached to her and just enjoy Oula for what she is--- glorious.

And the thing that makes Oula glorious is the community. It is you. You are so incredibly, ridiculously glorious it brings tears to my eyes. I have never, and probably will never, meet a group of people more accepting, real, authentic, brave and kind as you all. And I am so grateful that we have found an owner (or rather, she found us- we will share this story soon!) who is willing and able to carry the responsibility of providing us the framework, the home in which us misfits can thrive. The ones who would rather be real than cool, the truth tellers, the powerful yet humble, the caring souls with kind eyes, who have come out of hiding. The ones who realize their brokenness is where the light shines through and lights the path for their sisters and brothers to shine in their own gloriousness.

I love you all. I am so excited for our future together. Thank you for shining your light, so I could see my own, too.

xo Kali
CEO & Founder

#iamglorious #iamoula

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