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Oula subscribers get instant, unlimited access to hundreds of pre-recorded classes, as well as daily live classes. Our classes are 30, 45, and 60 minutes long, with a variety of instructors and styles so you can find the right class for your needs.



Are you needing mindfulness in addition to movement? With this subscription you will also gain access to mindfulness moments, journal prompts, community connection, and the ability to communicate with your instructors online.



Oula merges high-intensity cardio with easy-to-follow choreography, mindfulness, and a culture of inclusivity — all to an energetic pop soundtrack. Every Oula class empowers you to challenge your body and process emotions through music, movement, and, most importantly, a virtual community connection.


Oula One is a heart-based, musically-inspired yoga dance fusion class done barefoot on the mat, with no jumping or impact, making it accessible to nearly all. Through breath and heart opening movements and music, you will feel the stress and stuck emotion leave your body, as you become grounded in your sense of self and one-ness.


Oula Power is a cardio and strength combo class that begins with an empowering warm up, followed by high-energy cardio tracks to get the heart pumping! Perfect for all fitness levels, this class is equally challenging and rewarding! Plus, the music is carefully selected to inspire you to POWER through and be bigger, better, faster, stronger!


Oula Fusion is the act of melting two or three Oula formats together to create a magical whole. The classes are a union of sitting and standing songs that come from One, Power and Oula. Oftentimes the themed classes invite both the introspection and the exertion to help fully feel and move through the different energies through poses, dancing and stillness.


See what our customers have to say about us.

I started taking online classes about six months ago. Oula has changed my life. It has increased my confidence and made me stronger, and helped pull me out of my quarantine depression. The instructors are their true selves and I love that you can be yourself at Oula without worrying about behaving a certain way or putting on a false front. It helped me find my identity- turns out I am more than just a wife and mom! It definitely filled a piece that was missing from my life.
Thank you! Oula Online has been my savior since Covid, & it just keeps getting better & better! Always great classes & messages. Really needed the hope in today’s class & to dance it out with you ladies ❤️

For those new to Oula, we suggest starting with about 3 classes a week to get your brain and body in sync with Oula’s style of movement. As you progress, dance as much as your body and soul are craving!

We suggest supportive shoes for Oula, and a mat for Power, One and Fusion. Don't forget your water bottle, as you will be working up a sweat!

Just ask us here! We can also get you in touch with your favorite instructors online, as community connection is a cornerstone of Oula.

An all-access subscription is only $19.99 a month! You can also purchase individual videos for $5, which are downloadable and yours forever!

We make it super easy to cancel anytime, you're in control of your membership.

No, we do not offer refunds but you can cancel anytime!

Yes, your subscription will renew automatically, no need to manually pay each month.