Become An Instructor FAQs

Becoming an Oula instructor will help you practice bravery and vulnerability each time you teach.  You will get to create and hold safe spaces for yourself and your participants to explore their body and emotions in a safe and fun environment.  And being an instructor will help you grow strength in ways you can’t even imagine… yet!

What other instructors are saying:

“This weekend I took a leap out of my comfort zone and took instructor training for Oula. It's the best cardio workout I've ever stuck to but in addition to that, it's a community that is so amazingly supportive. We laugh and cry and scream and sing. It is cathartic for body, mind and soul and I am so thrilled to be able to start teaching soon!” Andrea, instructor since 2017

Not at all.  One of the values of Oula is that we will meet you where you are at.  If you have prior group fitness teaching experience, you will be surprised at our unique approach to training, where authenticity, individual expression and creating experiences rather than leading exercises are what we teach.  

What other instructors are saying:

“The Oula training I took in Minneapolis was the best certification training I have ever attended.  Being  ACE certified for over 20 years, I have numerous certifications through many different fitness entities but none of them so succinctly laid out the methodology needed to excel as an instructor as did my Oula Training.  Kali Linder was able to deliver the most essential tools to succeed while fostering an amazing sense of purpose and belonging.  I highly recommend this training for new and experienced instructors.  It revitalized my passion for group fitness.” Brenna, attended training in 2015

The Self-Guided Online Oula Instructor Training is $199.

Once you’ve completed the training, you are ready to get certified.  You can pay $275 up front or sign up for automatic withdrawals of $25/month.

The Oula Power Online Instructor Training is $50.

Certification fee is $200 or $100 for current Oula Instructors.

This completely online training is self-guided, meaning you can move through the 4 different modules at your own pace.  There are simple assignments that are required and then reviewed by our team to help support you and ensure you have the knowledge and tools needed to confidently teach Oula.

You can move through the modules at your own pace.  You can plow through them all in a day, or you can take up to three months to complete and turn in any required tasks. 

As a licensed instructor, you can teach wherever you would like!  We have no requirements or financial agreements with facilities, so you are free to find a place that works for you.  We encourage you to think about which demographics of people you would like to bring your gifts and the gifts of Oula to, and seek out opportunities to connect with them.  It could be a gym, a private studio, a church, summer camp, team-building events for companies, prisons, bachelorette parties, grief circles, family reunions… and if you ever need help tailoring a playlist to fit these different groups, we are always here to help!

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