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September 01, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

Guest blog by Bernice Johnston
I am everything


I am everything!! When I first heard this, I was like, "YES, I am everything. I am the mom, I am the house manager, I am the business owner, I am the school admin, I am the chef, I am the shopperI am  everything." Whewthat’s a lot!!😳 I’m sure you all feel the same way sometimes. Does it feel good? Does it feel bad? Is it too much? Do you want more? Do you want less?

Then I thought of ‘I am everything’ in the physics sense: I am everything. I am made of the  elements  of this universe, of this solar system, of this planet. I am that tree, I am that blade of grass, I am that rock, I am the water in the lake, I am the chair I am sitting on. 

And then this brought me to Oula. When I am in class and all is clicking along as it should, do you have those moments where you feel connected to everything? I feel I am the music, I am the movement, I am the lyrics, I am the woman in the back row, I am the man dancing next to me. I feel completely connected to all that is in that Oula space and BOOMI am everything!!

I think for me, I am all these experiences.  I am both overwhelmed with being everything, and I am comforted that I am everything. And that’s the beauty of it… you can be so many things at the same time. 🌠 You can sit in all elements of  everything

And in Oula, for that one hour, I am comforted and uplifted in the  connectedness  of it all and I AM EVERYTHING. 







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October 18, 2023

This was beautiful and lovely and everything I needed to hear today. Thank you!

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