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December 01, 2023 2 min read 1 Comment

Guest blog by Chelle Bird, Sagittarius
I am fire

Growing up, one of the first things we learn to fear is fire. Don’t touch that, it burns, if encountered immediately STOP, DROP, and ROLL. It is dangerous, uncontrolled, and often very destructive. So we avoid it because it is dangerous. I spent much of my life in a comfort bubble. Seeing the world, but avoiding the heat and the fire, becausewell, danger. Who would intentionally step into the fire?

When I found Oula, I remember two of the songs that drew me in and pushed me were  Lose Yourself  and  Can’t Hold Us. They were physically taxing, but that helped the music and lyrics settle into me in a deeper way. By the time they were over, I started to believe in my own power and the importance and weight of the words I chose to speak. I could feel my body buzzing, and started feeling ready to take on the next thing coming at me, to tackle what came next.

A few years ago in an Oula workshop, we discussed the elements and how they relate to an Oula playlist. This was eye opening, and completely helped reframe FIRE for me. Is there heat involved? Yes. Is there still an element of danger? Yes. But does it have to be unsafe? My answer is no.

An uncontrolled burn is dangerous. It starts out of nowhere and cannot be stopped. It is destructive, harsh, it lashes out, it destroys. However, there is another type of fire. A controlled burn. One that is intentionally lit to create space for new growth and discovery. In teaching about the danger of fire, we often also discuss that there can be a benefit to fire. In Oula, we use songs that engage the solar plexus region, supporting and pushing our bodies and our hearts. However, we always maintain control of the burn. We can make the moves less intense, not squatting as low, bringing the lever of the arms lower. By doing this, we invite the heat. Somehow tapping into that primal, internal place of survival and pushing through what is layered in front of us brings us to a space where we can believe in the power of our own bodies. Remembering that we are capable of moving throughas well as breaking downthe emotional walls and bearing our pure hearts. I have found that allowing and inviting the controlled burn can lead to the purest essence of self-acceptance and love.

In Oula, we get to reframe the meaning of FIRE and make it something that can be safe for all of us to play with in our own way. Invite the burn and enjoy the regrowth. We get permission to PLAY with FIRE, and with that comes freedom.






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Tracy D
Tracy D

January 02, 2024

Love this! All of the elements … not too much … not too little … in just the right amount 🔥 🌊 …so powerful !❤️

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