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November 24, 2023 1 min read

Poem by Cami Newsome

I am everything!

I am an Oulakin
I am a dancer
I am a body that loves to move
I am human
I am woman
I am a sister and a daughter
I am compassionate
I am loving
I am selfish sometimes
I am selfless sometimes
I am an introvert sometimes
I am an extrovert sometimes
I am a dreamer
I am an open heart
I am your friend, and i will give you the shirt (or sweatshirt) off my back if you need it
I am your ride or die
I am someone who needs help sometimes
I am afraid to ask for what I need
I am scared to trust sometimes
I am vulnerable and I am fragile
I am strong
I am stronger than anyone (even myself) can imagine sometimes
I am a mess, and that’s ok…I love all my ducks even though they’re not in a row, and one of them is a pigeon
I am doing my best
I am not perfect, and that’s ok too, but
I am perfect just the way I am
I am here on my journey, right where I’m supposed to be
I will meet you where you are on your journey
I am unique and I am also just like you
I am me alone and I am this community
I am drawn to the beautiful souls that come to Oula
I am a beautiful soul
I am Oula
I am everything…and i am more…

Thank you for listening/reading.
Thank you to all of you for being you!

I am so grateful to this community for holding me and holding space for me, and I want to give that love and space back…






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