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March 01, 2024 2 min read

Hello Oulaverse!!!

 We are beyond delighted to introduce our newest baby!!!!! Please welcome and cuddle our newborn pOula!!!!!!!!!! (SPLASH!!!!!!) pOula is fun, extremely low impact, lots of energy, and fresh outta the womb, WET!

We wanted to release her in her infant stages for the whole world to soak up, and sink into. There are incredible healing powers in water, and incredible healing powers in Oula, naturally when combined together, PURE MAGIC.

pOula was born in my brain while I was visiting my girlfriend in Las Vegas. It was 2017 when I was training to become an Oula instructor. It was 109 degrees out. I needed to practice my chorea, and we had no space inside the house, and it was too damn hot outside. We put on my playlist and jumped in her pool in her backyard. (There were 4 of us girlfriends from college) After the 1st couple of songs (and margaritas) I thought HOLY CRAP, this is INSANELY FUN, and still kicking my ass workout wise. In fact, some of the moves were even more challenging because of the water resistance!

We continued to "pool dance" over the next few days. When I returned home, I was certified as an official Oula instructor, and my journey continued. Shortly after, I talked to Kali and Bernice about this insanely fun idea I had, and HUZZAH YAY! They liked it! I continued to work on details and practiced a bunch of classes. Bernice taught it at Oulacation, and we all lost our minds at how wonderful it was. Then at Oulabration Bernice, D'Et, and myself taught it, and as you guessed.. massive hit! I approached Heather immediately (knowing she was taking over) and drenched her with my many ideas!!! So, for the past couple years, we have been working carefully on this release!!!! I recruited some volunteers, and have so much gratitude for the many hours and brains that have made this dream into a reality!!!

Thank you Kali, Bernice, Heather, Shari, Jasmine, Bethany, and Lacey!!!!

Thank you for your support and grace as we all continue to help pOula grow! She is a BABY. We will learn together and work together to see her make a big splash, and develop!!!




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