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February 03, 2024 1 min read

Moving into our final month of 'I Am Elemental - Fire,'  we thought it would be a great opportunity to reflect on the words and ideas from our December and January blogs.

We heard from Chelle about harnessing the power of a controlled burn and how, in Oula, we embrace the fire and heat of songs as we move through each of our playlists. The cardio section in Oula brings the fire, the building of moves in One fires up our muscles, and let’s face it… all of Power is 🔥!

Erica took us through all the phases of fire, from spark to inferno, reminding us that in the absence of light, it only takes one flame to illuminate a darkened room.

As we progress through the month, we encourage you to take time to reflect on your own fire, within Oula and in your everyday life. Utilize the prompts below or delve deep into the embers and share what 'I Am Fire'  means to you!

🔥 What aspects of your life need a controlled burn for renewal and growth?
🔥 Explore how to balance between a steady flame and an uncontrollable blaze.
🔥 In what areas of your life do you want to ignite a new flame or spark?
🔥 How can you turn a recent small spark of inspiration into a powerful and  transformative fire in your life?



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