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May 31, 2024 2 min read

Guest Blog by Susan Herson

Recently, to celebrate my birthday, we did a P!nk-inspired pop-up Oula class.  It was a blast!  We ended our playlist with  Cover Me In Sunshine.  It was the same song Kate had been teaching in Ithaca for years. But it was THAT song with the double spin that originally got me hooked on Oula!  The choreo created such joy and lightness which were lacking in my life. 

When I was asked to write about the element of Air, I thought of lightness, clarity, and breath.  There are very few parts of my week that are as light and as clear when dancing Oula.  Now, as an OulaOne instructor, I get to breathe even more deeply and open my heart more.  Breath of Joy which One choreographer Jenna taught in Release 34 has patterns of three inhales and one exhale.  That vigorous  air flow creates a similar euphoria to that spin.  Oula and One have been relatively ‘quick fixes’ for challenging times.  They are pleasant places where I can recreate that feeling in about 3-minutes or sometimes even just a verse.  

As the final relaxation in my One classes, I sometimes put participants mentally on the beach, have them feel the warm ocean air, hear water lap the shore and smell the coconut sunscreen.  This was a relaxation technique my father taught and recorded for me on cassettes.  He was a healer and psychiatrist. He used to say when you’re most stressed out  remember to breathe.  I miss you Papa but you live on in me and in your loving teachings. 

So when you experience  Turbulence, have  Courage and remember  I am Here!  Walk Me Home,  Cover Me in Sunshine.  We are  Never Going to Not Dance Again


Oula Susan

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