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September 01, 2023 2 min read


Oula is everything to a lot of people. It’s what keeps us all coming back. It’s more than just an exercise class: it’s community; it’s connection; it’s fun.

In this issue, author Jesse Gilliam explores what Oula means to our members in different decades – from 20s to 70s. As Reid R. shared, “If you need to process emotions while getting a kick ass workout, Oula is for you!” Read the full article in the “That Oula Magic” section.

Our 'I am everything' blog comes from our resident Queen B – Bernice. She shares what it means to be everything and how Oula has changed that viewpoint for her.

Also in this issue, Oula is hiring! Read more about the open positions and how to apply. The deadline to submit your application is September 11.

Did you sign up for Camp Oula? If so, check your emails for the intake form. Please fill that out as soon as possible. More information about Camp Oula will be forthcoming.

And lastly, have you heard about Oula Fusion? Join Mama Rose in our online studio for 45 minutes of exercise combining multiple Oula formats. More information is below.

Oula will have more exciting announcements coming in the next issue of “Can I Get a Connection?” on December 1. Stay tuned!




Kelly Vail

Los Angeles

Oula Community Commitments: 

We, as a community of individuals, commit to live the following as we move through the Oulaverse.

  • We are all human and deserve to be approached with  curiosity  and  care
  • We assume  good intent  with the most generous interpretation
  • We acknowledge our  impact vs. our intent  with the goal of understanding
  • We are all on the  same team  and will try to let our armor go and handle each other with care
  • We  seek clarification,  ask questions, and step away when needed
  • We  honor all truths  and understand some situations won’t be resolved


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