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March 02, 2023 3 min read

“You are here because you are interested.” – Louis Adams (Salish elder, cultural leader, and tribal historian) 


Have you been wondering what Camp Oula's all about? 

(Shall we pretend? Picture yourself here.)


You made it. You are here! It’s morning…

You are as surrounded or as solitary as you wish, walking away from your cabin towards the dining hall where a bustling group of Oulakins is busy serving breakfast (one morning, it will be YOUR cabin’s turn and y’all are “cooking” up some fun plans). They are chuckling and teasing one another. Someone laugh-bursts. Even though you think it seems early for a laugh-burst, it still tugs a smile to your lips.

You could join the queue for some warmer fare, but today you choose the self-serve line. You move toward the coffee after eyeing the tea and lemon water, then scoop up a grab-and-go bag. You pour yourself your favorite brew and, as cuddle your now-warm travel mug, step back outside to the cool crisp morning. 

The day is beginning! It’s up to you what’s next: an optional Oula One class or trail hike? Hmmm. A few people are still emerging from their group cabins. Opting for the Oula One, you meander towards the clearing by the lake and languidly enjoy a few more sips of coffee. The clearing is filled with mats, bodies, and gentle music. You choose your mat and stand beside it. Still. Smiling.

Centering. You are away from everything. You hear the susurration of breeze, leaves and the sound of peace. A twig cracks. You and several others see the deer just to your left. 

The music rises. The movement begins. The mist is lifting off the stretch of mountains beyond the lake. It’s going to be a beautiful day. It occurs to you that it started out that way: Simply. Beautiful.

Something releases inside. You breathe. Deeply. You unwind a bit. Something gives a little. It’s as if there’s a little more air. It’s only the first day and it’s already startingthat wonderful sweet feeling of movement in tandem and allowing yourself space.

There is plenty of that here. The mountains agree. You lift your head. An eagle circles the lake. The sun rises higher, warm fingers of sunlight glance onto your skin. You hear singing. You hear faint laughter from farther in the woods. The music and movements continue.

This. Feels. Right.


(Excuse the interruption…) 

How is this imagining going? Sounds good, right? Okay, so throw in a wicked awesome Camp Oula goodie bag, complete with an Oula towel, a headlamp, a journal, and the ever-popular makings for some s’mores (for LATER), and a few other surprises. 

Okay y’all! Here come some more spoilers! Do you wanna sign up for an “In Nature AU NATUREL” A BOUDOIR outdoor or cabin photo sesh? What about a chilly night swimming with a group of us ready to howl at the moon? How about Camp Oula Creaters Corner? That’s a little makers market from Oulakin to Oulakin where anyone can BRING TO SHARE a created gift of any kindmore info coming on that. (No one is required to bring anything, but wouldn’t it be fun to make some art together?) How about some SMASH dancing on top of plenty of Power, Oula, and Oula One? 

Okay… that’s just a peek at what’s to come for now. But lemme just say – there’s more. You are NOT going to want to miss out on this soul-camping experience.😉 I cannot wait to see you there. 




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