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May 27, 2020 1 min read

As places and gatherings begin to open once again, I am really examining my resistance to re-entering these types of spaces. I'm learning that my resistance doesn't have to do with fear of safety and health (my own, personal), but more about returning to a rhythm where my energy is out of balance. A life more focused on routine than ritual. Schedule instead of sacredness. Being nice rather than being true to me. And through this understanding, I am learning that moving forward I have a lot of work to do around boundaries and what I say "yes" to and what I say "no" to.

Right now is a practice round. Questions and invitations usually come in the form of "I'm not sure if you're doing these kinds of things yet, but..." and it is an easy way to practice saying no. The harder work is going to come when people (myself included) assume that just because we "can," we "should."

So now I'm asking myself: What if I only said yes to the things that are really in alignment with what I truly want? What does that look like? How would that feel? Right now we have permission to try these types of interactions and answers on without feeling the guilt that we normally may. Are you feeling this too???

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