June 03, 2022 3 min read

Cosmic: Expansive. Part of the universe.
Part of a whole that is great – greater than one. 

We are moving into a new affirmation: 'I Am Cosmic.'

To explore this affirmation, it feels good to rest comfortably (sit, stand, lay), and place your hands slightly cupped as if holding a ball just in front of you. Relax your elbows. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Allow yourself to focus on the space between your hands. Breathe naturally. If you are still and your surroundings are very quiet, you may begin to feel your heartbeat in your neck and eventually, in your hands. The pulse of it may feel energizing and steady. It is a calmness that is held between your hands. You are holding space. 

As this practice continues and quietude becomes part of your space, it may feel good to simply be. To feel both here specifically, and also, part of our larger space. Our Earth… and further… part of our planetary system… and further reaching to the closest galaxies… and further… simply part of our incredible universe in which we all share energy. Welcome! We are both centered and connected. We are sharing space. 

Can I geek out for a second? Once, in a chemistry class, I learned that electrons—the little energy givers of atoms—may sometimes travel outside their normal orbits. It’s rare but it’s possible: These little atoms that literally  ARE  the world around us… occasionally their electrons go on tiny vacations. They are still part of their atom “home” but they can take a  MUCH BIGGER  route than usual – as if going exploring. Super crazy! And they do it in a split second. They visit the universe. They aren’t constrained by the need for oxygen. Gravity simply doesn’t hold them. They go… far. And they return. Fast. Just like that. The matter all around us is visiting each other on occasion. How cool is that? We are all connected. 

If we think about ourselves… this walking, breathing, living “home” body that we each have, has energy that can be shared. We can allow ourselves to not be constrained by expectation and we can connect to one another in our own sharing of energy. Each of us experiences our own “world.” Our own home. Our own body. Our experiences mold the expectations we have of ourselves and one another. These expectations can limit us... unless we can acknowledge our own lens and how we, like atoms, are borrowing each other’s electrons, and may need to “borrow” the vision of another to expand what we are able to see. We may need to actively listen, to lean on the experiences of one another to open ourselves to new ideas and new ways of  MOVING  through the world. In fact, some might even say that doing the work to understand the lived experiences of another person, is the greatest form of love. We can do the work. We can share the energy. We can have empathy. We can connect and expand our own being! We are limitless. 

When we share our energy in safe spaces – energy is also shared with us. Dancing together opens doorways into new connections. And this is Oula’s beautiful invitation: Give yourself and others grace. Invite yourself and others into growth. Allow for the time and space it takes to move through understanding, empathy, and connection. Each body is different. Dancing together is centering and connecting. It’s an incredible space… a beautiful and expansive space.

As we consider what 'I Am Cosmic' means to each of us, it is hopeful to me that we might open ourselves to the idea of expansion – of creating new connections and fostering growth.

Sending you energy from here across the Universe to find its way to you. With love.





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