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January 23, 2020 2 min read

Hello and Happy New Year to you all! I hope you all have had time or can take time in the coming days to set intentions for what you want to enter with into this new decade. Maybe it’s something you want to cultivate, or eliminate, or shift, or even just experience in a new light.

Sometimes, it’s hard to even come up with our own intentions for how we want to enter a new phase. Not because our lives are perfect and not because we don’t want to live our best lives, but sometimes because we don’t stop. To pause. To ask the questions. And because sometimes we don’t stop. To pause. To listen to the answers.

After some significant pausing; asking; and listening… my word for 2020 is clarity. This year, I already know, is going to demand a lot from me. I will be embarking on a year-long accelerator course for women business owners. I am beginning the process of building a new home. And this coming fall we will be opening a health + wellness center that will be the new home of OULA and much more. The work I’ve been doing personally has highly revolved around tuning into my intuition, a skill which I will really need to accomplish these large projects, and also help me stay in right relationship with them.

So not only am I seeking clarity in the coming year, clarity will be required to do all that I hope to do in 2020. I feel like I need to eliminate distractions. I need to dig deep and work hard. I need to get honest with myself and ask what habits, people, patterns, places and nourishment are helping me to stay clear and open, and which ones are not. I want to listen more and talk less (so if you’ve noticed we will be doing our podcast on a much more infrequent basis). I want to continue to surround myself with the people who my soul loves to dance with, so I am looking forward to seeing hopefully many of you at empowerment weekends around the country and OULACON in Missoula!

Happy New Year to you all. Sending my love your way!!!


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