Crystal Pendulums

Pendulums are used in holistic healing for connecting with spiritual energies and with your high self for seeking clear insights. They are also used in pinpointing energetic blocks in the chakras to assist with energy balancing.

This is a delicate pendulum made with silver plated chain and semi-precious gems, accented with a quartz bead to amplify your energy field and impart positive vibes.  Length is 7.5"

Rose Quartz // Rose Quartz offers soft vibrations for emotional balance and harmonizing relationships.

Rainbow Moonstone //  Rainbow Moonstone protects the aura, expands your intuitive nature, and resolves emotional wounds.

Quartz // Quartz crystal amplifies intentions and the energy of other stones, imparts positivity, clears negative energy, and enhances intuition.

Amethyst // Amethyst is a master healer. It is associated with the third eye and crown chakras and promotes relaxation, intuition, healthy sleep, meditation, spiritual awareness, and expansion.



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