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Online Pilot pOula Instructor Training

It’s time to make a splash with Oula’s newest format…pOula!

Dive into pOula, a lively 45-minute water aerobic fitness program that offers a full-body workout, blending cardio and toning exercises to uplifting music. With just a few tweaks to the classic Oula format, you’ll enjoy the incredible benefits of water resistance and low-impact movement. Perfect for all fitness levels, pOula lets you experience a challenging and rewarding workout in the refreshing environment of the pool.

**NOTE:** You must be a current Oula instructor and have a Water Exercise certification to instruct pOula.

We’re thrilled to introduce pOula as a PILOT format, which means we’re just getting started and need your help to make it amazing. When you sign up for this training and start teaching, you’ll be part of an exclusive group providing regular feedback on the manual, playlists, modification videos, and more. Together, we’ll refine and perfect this unique fitness experience!

This fully online training is self-guided, so you can move through the manual at your own pace. Here’s what you’ll explore:

  • Water Foundations:Discover the incredible benefits of moving in water
  • Music: Learn about the class curve and how to create the perfect playlist, just like in Oula
  • Movement: Master modifying movements for the pool and perfect your class mirroring technique
  • Instructing: Get tips on cueing, monitoring participants, class prep, and more
  • Safety:Ensure a safe class environment, from class size to equipment


After completing the required quiz, you’ll fill out our license agreement and choose to pay either a limited-time pilot annual fee of $50 or enroll in our monthly program at $5/month. This gives you access to:

  • The pOula Instructor Manual
  • Quarterly release playlists to inspire your classes
  • Modification videos and notes for each quarterly playlist
  • Additional helpful resources

We can’t wait for you to bring the magic of Oula to more people in this exciting new way!

Please note:Trainings are non-refundable, and access will be available within 48 hours of purchase.