Affirmations for Kids

Use these affirmation cards with your child to promote healthy self- esteem, promote confidence and self-love.

Whether we intend to or not our kids are constantly affirming things to themselves. Their self-talk, positive or negative, is an affirmation that helps create their belief system about their potential and capabilities. Kids are bombarded everyday with messages about their worth, abilities, appearances etc. and over time those messages can become their self-talk. Affirmations work and they're proven to work for kids! 🙌🏽 They interrupt negative self- talk, retrain and reprogram our brain. I pray this next generation is empowered, empathetic and loving and this is a *tiny* way I can contribute.

Each set comes with 21 cards, on the back side of each affirmation card there are 4-6 accompanying dialogue starter questions, challenges, exercises that help explain, absorb and embody the affirmation. Best for ages 7-13.

We hope this affirmation set sparks new, fun and exciting conversations with your child!

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